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Our portfolio companies include:

airBand Communications airBand Communications is a wireless broadband service provider with plans to offer Internet access at speed up to 10 times today's DSL connections to small and midsize businesses in cities across the United States. airBand expects to deliver complete business solutions ranging from fast Internet access to web hosting, e-mail and e-commerce solutions through partnerships with leading ISPs.
Others in Syndicate: Sevin Rosen funds, Crescendo Ventures and Battery Ventures.

Apache Design Solutions Apache is a provider of innovative next-generation physical power integrity software that accelerates the design process and guarantees the reliability of massive system-on-chip semiconductors operating at gigahertz frequencies. For more information, visit www.apache-da.com.
Others in Syndicate: Intel Capital and SmartForest Ventures.

CafePress.com CafePress.com is an e-commerce enabler of community-based online merchandising for the Internet's many micro-communities. PacRim Venture Partners led the seed stage round of financing for CafePress.
Others in Syndicate: Sequoia Capital Partners, New Millenium Partners, Staenberg Capital, Andojo Ventures and selected individual investors.

IPextreme IPextreme. Headquartered in Campbell, CA, IPextreme packages, develops and licenses Intellectual Property (IP) for the semiconductor industry.
Others in Syndicate: Alloy Ventures, SmartForest Ventures

OptionalSystems Lambda OpticalSystems Corporation, based in Reston, VA, was founded in March 2003 by acquiring intellectual properties from Firstwave. The company is a provider of optical network management tools and all-optical network switches to government agencies and telecommunication carriers.
Others in Syndicate: Sevin Rosen, ComVentures and SmartForest Ventures.

LiveCapital LiveCapital provides automated, flexible credit solutions for enterprises that offer business credit. Automated decisioning is designed to drive down operational costs by reducing overhead and rework, and provides better credit decisions. The bottom-line result is increased sales, better bad debt management and reduced operational costs.
Others in Syndicate: Selby Ventures, Cardinal Ventures, Red Rock Ventures, Irwin Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers

Sentilla Sentilla Corporation provides a full life cycle software platform for developing, deploying, integrating and managing pervasive computing applications with the familiarity of Java technology. Sentilla¡¯s mission is to enable the billions of very small computers deployed throughout the physical world to work together to solve really big business problems.

Phoseon Phoseon Technology manufacturers a semiconductor light engine and optical systems for industrial processes in semiconductor inspection, lithography, and the UV curing of photopolymers in adhesives, inks, and coatings.
Others in Syndicate: Fluke Venture Partners, SmartForest Ventures, Capybara Ventures, Maritex

SignaCert SignaCert is a service provider that enables trust-based computing for enterprises everywhere. Started by Wyatt Starnes in 2004, SignaCert plans to offer a suite of groundbreaking products to the enterprise market in 2006.

Teja The growing use of multi-core processors in embedded system design will have a fundamental affect on how software and hardware engineers do their work. These issues first arose in Network Processors, and will move rapidly throughout the fixed and configurable device types, including FPGAs and ASICs. Teja has developed a platform that addressed this problem, delivering time to performance advantages to OEM equipment manufacturers.
Others in Syndicate: Mayfield Fund, Tallwood Ventures, SmartForest Ventures, Blueprint Ventures and Intel Capital

RadioCentral Teseda's mission is to create a new generation of design-integrated test products that enable system-on-a-chip (SoC) manufacturers to dramatically reduce test cost while shortening time-to-market.
Others in Syndicate: SmartForest Ventures, Ridgewood Capital, Empire Ventures, Synopsys.

U-Systems Inc. U-Systems Inc designs, develops and markets innovative, cost-effective, ultrasound systems to assist the radiologist in detection of breast cancer. The company has developed a leadership position in advanced imaging systems and incorporated proprietary hardware and software technology in its first system offering: the Full-Field Breast Ultrasound System ("FFBU"). The FFBU automatically images the whole-breast and immediately presents the results to the physician in a readily usable format making possible high volume, cost-effective ultrasound imaging of dense breasted women.
Others in Syndicate: Siemens, Sycamore, Radius, MDS Capital.


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